Savage Calgary fans mock Marchand in the most hilarious way

The Calgary Flames and Boston Bruins don’t have bad blood against one another, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make jokes about your opposition.

When the Flames hosted the Bruins, some fans made it their duty to take shots at Brad Marchand, and they did so in an impressive/terrifying way.

Marchand isn’t exactly loved by opposing teams, so it’s expected that fans will boo or make him the butt of a joke, but this one was incredibly done.

Remember when Marchand licked players during the playoffs last season?

The fans in Calgary certainly remember!

A fan walked around with a huge cardboard cutout of Marchand’s head and pretended to lick people. It was hilarious and terrifying and definitely one of the better jabs we’ve seen this season.

Marchand would go on to score in the game, but Calgary would get the last laugh as they dropped the Bruins 5-2.

Here’s the huge cardboard cutout: