Report: There’s a second Senators Uber video that’s even more compromising

The Ottawa Senators seem to be a huge topic in the National Hockey League, and it hasn’t been positive.

It’s been a tough week for the team after a leaked video of players sharing their thoughts in an Uber surfaced online.

“Ubergate” is what the situation has been called. Many media personnel and players chimed in on the incident. The gist is that this thing happens all the time and that it was just unfortunate that the Senators’ comments were recorded and shared.

As the Senators prepare for tonight’s game against the Vegas Golden Knights, there are rumors from one reporter who believes the situation won’t be settled just yet.

Renaud Lavoie believes that an even more compromising video exists out there that could potentially be published.

“Have we seen everything? What I am told is that no. There is a part that is even more compromising,” he said on TVA Sports.

If that is true, it’ll be interesting to see what the video entails.

Louis Jean added that Martin Raymond was shaken up by the comments made in the video. “Martin Raymond is dommed, he has been humiliated. Will he stay in hockey? That, I do not know, but the damage has been done,” commented Michel Bergeron.

Patrick Lalime, who is a former Senators’ netminder also chimed in on the situation, calling out Matt Duchene and Chris Wideman.

“They are negative leaders,” he said. “You lose a lot of respect after such a situation.”

Only time will tell if there is an even more compromising video. If comments are made about head coach Guy Boucher, GM Pierre Dorion or owner Eugene Melnyk, that would certainly make matters even worse.

It should be noted that ever since the video was leaked, the Senators are now 1-0 in play. They will look to remain undefeated tonight.


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