Carey Price easily drops unsuspecting Hurricanes’ forward behind the net

When battling for a loose puck, sometimes you need to use your body. Carey Price did exactly that.

In last night’s game between the Montreal Canadiens and Carolina Hurricanes, netminder Carey Price used all of his 215 pounds to ensure the Canadiens didn’t lose the puck in their end.

As the puck rattled behind the back of the cage, Price left the blue paint to stop the dump in from reaching the other side of the rink.

Oncoming forward Warren Foegele chased the puck down behind the back of the net, attempting to corral the puck and gain possession.

Carey Price had another idea.

As Price stopped the puck behind the net, Foegele attempted to take the puck from Price. The puck became loose.

With the puck still hoping to be regained, Price took matters into his own hands and planted Foegele on the ice. Carey used his entire goalie frame to drop Foegele, who has less than 30 professional NHL games under his belt.

It was certainly a nice hit by Price, but it got the fans talking. If goalies are not fair game (to hit) when they leave the blue paint, how come this wasn’t an interference call?

From what I saw, the majority of fans on Twitter loved the hit by Price.

I think it may become dangerous if goalies are allowed to hit players and vice versa. Still, it’s an interesting question and Foegele was looking for a penalty on the play.

For now, all we can do is admire that Price will take matters into his own hands.