When “Wayne Gretzky” totally crushed it in an epic rap battle

What happens when the greatest skateboarder meets the greatest hockey player of all time? They rap battle, of course!

Tony Hawk and Wayne Gretzky are in two different sports, but fans like to compare all the top athletes from respective sports to see who truly is the greatest. It isn’t uncommon to compare trophies, records, and overall achievements, but with all sports being different, it’s tough to figure out who the GOAT really is.

Well, it appears as if we may have found the criteria to determine the actual GOAT.

We can’t measure Hawk’s tricks to Gretzky’s goals, but we can compare how well they rhyme against one another.

In this satirical video from Epic Rap Battles of History, Gretzky and Hawk go one-on-one in verbal boxing. The pair attacks each other verbally, and “Gretzky” has some pretty sick bars.

Of course, you gotta bring up Hawk in the X-games, but really, Gretzky brought up Hawk in the ‘ex-games,’ mentioning how Hawk is on his fourth wife. Gretzky also mentions Hawk’s one world record, compared to his 183. I won’t spoil the rest, but it’s safe to say Wayne brought some incredible lines to this battle.

Hawk has some great rebuttals and rhymes as well in this entertaining video. Epic Rap Battles of History has created some great content including politicians, athletes, and even Darth Vader!

So, who won this battle? Hawk had some great lines but Gretzky’s may have cut deeper. Maybe there will need to be a second battle between the actual Gretzky and Hawk to truly determine who is the better rap battler.


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