Is this the best hockey player interview you’ve ever seen?

Hockey interviews during games can be insightful. Comments made by players and coaches when interviewed can provide fans at home in-depth analysis of the game they are watching.

However, some interviews tend to be dry. While interviews can be great, there are a lot of cookie-cutter responses that are said each time a mic is in a player’s face.

That wasn’t the case for Dave Matthews of the Cape Breton West Islanders. You may be thinking of the band when you read Dave Matthews, and Eastlink Community TV reporter Mavs Gillis made sure to connect the young player and the musical group.

Gillis asked some legitimate questions and Matthews provided great responses, but that didn’t stop Gillis from dropping some Dave Matthews Band references in this interview.

Gillis referenced songs from the band, including Two Step, Ants Marching and Crash Into Me. Gillis also asked Matthews if he would ever change to number 41 (another Dave Matthews Band song), but the hockey player Matthews’ showed no intention of switching numbers.

Matthews said he was a little sick of the band references, but the interview was all in good spirit and fun.

Matthews said his goal was to make the QMJHL, so if he arrives on scene we will need to see if he chooses the band as his goal song.