Former 1st Rounder gets destroyed by underdog

Enforcers, or players who like to throw their weight around and drop the gloves may be a dying breed in today’s NHL, but the role still looks prominent in the minor leagues.

There once was a time where players would handle business on the ice with their fists and bodies. If you needed to send a message, enforcers or fighters from both teams would go at it. It was a huge role to protect players because if you were to hit a star, you knew you’d have to deal with the opposition’s tough guy.

While we don’t see that much in today’s NHL, Jarred Tinordi looks to be keeping the role alive in the AHL.

Tinordi dropped the gloves against opponent Alex Gallant in a contest between the Milwaukee Admirals and Chicago Wolves.

The Admirals were already down early to the Wolves, so maybe Tinordi was trying to fire the boys up.

The mitts were dropped after Gallant connect with a nice, clean check on an Admirals’ player. As soon as that happened, Tinordi (who is the Captain of the club) immediately dropped his gloves and decided they were going to throw down.

It’s clear in the video that Tinordi has the height and weight advantage, so the odds were not in Gallant’s favor.

Gallant certainly held his own, throwing some absolute haymakers towards Tinordi. Gallant was the underdog in this contest, but his fiery approach to the fight let him skate away victorious.

This was Gallant’s second fight of the year, as he has fought in the AHL, ECHL and even QMJHL, dating back to the 2010-2011 season.

Tinordi is also a veteran when it comes to dropping the gloves. The former first-round selection by the Montreal Canadiens has picked up many fights over his professional career.

Maybe next time Tinordi will think twice about fighting, especially if it’s after a clean hit.