Aratac Junior hockey sticks of 2017

If you are looking at hockey stick options for your children, you may not recognise the name Aratac. If you are a kid looking for a new hockey stick it’s very likely you see a lot of the Aratac brand on field.

Relatively new, however really well established in the UK and expanding all the time in to Europe and beyond, Aratac are what I love about a hockey brand, run by hockey people.

Maybe it’s because they are new(ish) Aratac make a great range of Junior hockey sticks, so when today’s kids are parents they do not ask the same questions.

What has Aratact got for kids in 2017?

Both featuring in our 2017 on the Best High Carbon content Junior Sticks the Aratac NRT 3D J and the Aratac LBT 700J are the top of the Aratact kids hockey stick range for 2017.

Starting with the Aratac NRT 3D which is only newly released, Aratac is really giving more experienced kids some of the advanced features which will push their game on towards adulthood.

With a 45% carbon content, the NRT 3D can add a lot of power to hits and the open profile, low bow and concave groove in the head and lower shaft of the Aratac NRT 3D Junior hockey stick helps with those super cool 3D skills we all aspire to perfect.

Including the same 45% carbon content and low, deep curve in the shaft, the Aratac LBT700 Junior hockey stick is still top of the line for kids. Aside from the 3D features (which aren’t right for every child), this kids hockey stick from Aratac is really high spec.

Available from 34inch length, the NRT 3D and LBT700 Aratac Junior hockey sticks are going to suit children 4ft 9inches (145cm) tall, which matches the high specification of these Aratac sticks suiting older children.

How about Aratac for younger kids?

Available for progressing kids, Aratac have four other Junior hockey stick options.

For the really small children, the Aratac AXR10 Junior hockey stick (available in Blue or Pink) is a great place to start. Fully fibreglass construction to get kids to start feeling the ball and available from the very short 24inch models. At only £15 this is a great starter hockey stick for young children.

The first hockey stick with a little bit of carbon fibre is the Aratac RAV315 Junior hockey stick. This both introduces a slight curve and a little carbon to help kids around the age of 9 or 10 when they start to play matches on slightly larger pitches.

A great option for a carbon Junior hockey stick without to many complicated features or massive price tag is the Aratac Zip 25 hockey stick. An impressive 30% carbon fibre will give plenty of extra power to make longer passes and the low bow of the Aratac ZIP25 Junior hockey stick will help kids start to work on 3D skills, as well as posting up to incoming balls.

Summary of the 2017 Aratac kids hockey stick range

I’ve been super impressed with the Aratac sticks my juniors bring to training. They feel really crisp and noticeably help kids increase power when hitting longer passes.

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with a brand like Aratac who are in the business because of hockey, not just money. The increasing number of Aratac hockey sticks on the field shows they must be getting a good following amongst children.

The top end Aratac Junior hockey sticks are really high spec and, compared to others, great value for money, really worth consideration for young teenagers showing signs of high levels of skill.

Grays Junior field hockey sticks review of 2017 range

By far the most expansive with 22 different sticks available, and impressive in terms of range of features, there is a lot to review about the Grays range of hockey sticks for children in 2017 to 2018 season.

I recently bought my daughter a GR4000 Grays junior stick and was seriously impressed. Then when putting together this 2017 review of the whole Grays range I was surprised (in a good way) with the depth of specification options available for kids from Grays hockey.

This is a serious hockey stick brand with a real commitment to the game, and, looking at this review of the 2017 Grays Junior hockey sticks you should see what I mean!

Where is the best place to start with the Grays junior hockey stick review?

This was the question I had to ask myself when sitting down to write the overview review of this years amazing range of kids hockey sticks from Grays.

It seemed sensible to start with what the different model groups are in the entire Grays junior stick range. This simplifies the review in to 3 main groups of Grays kids sticks.

Grays GR range of Junior hockey sticks

Top of the shop if you like are the Grays GR model kids hockey sticks. The GR range is taken from the adult models, which use a fancy carbon rich resin to hold the various core materials of the hockey stick together.

It’s fantastic to review this level of hockey stick manufacturing technology is available in sticks aimed at children.

Admittedly the Grays GR Junior hockey sticks are only available from length 33inches up (just one of the range is that small) and most of these kids sticks start from 34 inches. This means they are only really going to suit kids of 12+ years old.

However, this gives them the chance to get used to the weight and power generated by carbon sticks, as well as introducing them to the vibrations caused.

Here’s the key specs and where we have them, reviews, of the GR kids hockey stick range from Grays:

Grays GR7000 Junior hockey stick review – 90% Carbon, 10% Aramid, Low bow at 200mm up from heel, Micro head shape.
Grays GR5000 Junior hockey stick review – 70% Carbon, 20% fibreglass, 10% aramid, Mid-bow at 300mm up from heel, Micro head shape
Grays GR4000 Junior hockey stick review – 50% Carbon, 40% fibreglass, 10% aramid, Mid-bow at 300mm up from heel, Micro head shape

Grays GX range of Junior hockey sticks

Grays GX model hockey sticks are the standard across adults and juniors. These model sticks have been available for a few seasons now (although the 2017 range has updates on previous years) and are very reliable for quality.

Only some of this Grays GX range of kids hockey sticks are available for small kids, some of the GX-CE models and the GX2000 are available in 28-32inch models. More choice for older children with good options for material compositions.

The only slightly disappointing thing to review about the Grays GX Junior hockey stick range is despite the number of sticks there’s only a couple of choices of shaft shape. Not a massive big deal for young kids and just means the older children need to move up to the GR sticks.

Grays GX3500 Junior hockey stick review – 25% Carbon, 75% fibreglass, Mid bow at 300mm up from heel
Grays GX3000 Junior hockey stick review – 20% Carbon, 80% fibreglass, Ultrabow 22mm at 300mm up from heel
Grays GX2500 Junior hockey stick review – 15% Carbon, 85% fibreglass, Ultrabow 22mm at 300mm up from heel
Grays GX2000 Junior hockey stick review – 100% fibreglass, Ultrabow 22mm at 300mm up from heel
Grays GX-CE Junior hockey stick review – 100% fibreglass, Ultrabow 22mm at 300mm up from heel – The GX-CE is available in a number of different designs but are all the same specification (Sunset, Summit, Bahama, Nevada, Patrol and Prowl)

Grays Wooden kids hockey sticks

For the small kids or those starting out, Grays have a small choice of wooden sticks for children. With size options as small as 24 inches, these are a great choice for kids to get started with hockey.

Grays ALPHA Junior hockey stick review – 100% wood, Ultrabow 22mm at 300mm up from heel
Grays Rogue Junior hockey stick review – 100% wood, Ultrabow 22mm at 300mm up from heel
Grays Revo Junior hockey stick review – 100% wood, Ultrabow 22mm at 300mm up from heel

What’s the best shaft shape from Grays hockey for children in 2017?

Possibly the best thing about the Grays Junior hockey stick range in 2017 is the choice of shaft shapes. As you progress through hockey your skills will start to favour having a bend in the shaft of the stick.

There are 3 different shaft shape choices for the Grays Kids hockey sticks of 2017.

Grays Ultrabow shape sticks for children feature a subtle 22mm curve in the shaft at 300mm up from the heel. This shape will suit most kids, in particular younger children and are available through all the sizes.

Grays Mid-bow shape sticks for kids have the same bow position of 300mm up from the heel as the Ultrabow, however these are slightly more curved with a 24.75mm bow. Really good shape for kids progressing their experience with more adult style play.

Grays Probow shape is only available on the top end GR Junior hockey stick. This is low bow and will suit older children to challenge their skills of 3D dribbling and flicking.

All in all

Grays are a great international hockey stick brand and their commitment to offering a big range for kids is impressive. I’d say the best full range available in 2017.

I think children will need to have a little experience to want or need a Grays hockey stick but starting to get in to sticks with a bow and carbon content is essential for progression of skills in hockey.