Junior Grays GX2000 hockey stick review

There is a ‘girls’ and a ‘boys’ version of the Grays GX2000 junior hockey stick and while I review the pink/purple version (because that’s what my youngest daughter has), I’ve checked it closely against the blue Grays GX2000 and it’s exactly the same.

I wanted to get my youngest daughter a stick with a decent bow when she moved in to the U8’s (she was 7 years old at the time) and during the review of a few sticks around I found the Grays GX2000 Junior hockey stick.

As a bit of a lowbow freak myself I wasn’t particularly excited to review the Grays GX2000 junior stick only had a shallow 22mm curve, high up in the shaft. However, as you might review yourself, for the real small kids there is no real option for really low curves, so the pink/purple colour swung it for her.

What is the Ultrabow shape like on Junior Grays hockey sticks?

As I mention earlier in the review the Grays Junior GX 2000 hockey stick has the Ultrabow shape shaft, which looking at specification alone doesn’t compare to some of the extreme bow shapes we see in adult sticks.

However for younger kids this is actually a great introduction to playing with a shaft bow on their hockey stick.

It is not a subtle as the specs suggest and when the kids are holding it, especially when they are trying to scoop up the ball, it really does seem quite significant. Without being awkward. I’ve noticed an improvement in my 7 years olds ability to lift the ball.

Is the Grays GX2000 kids hockey stick heavy?

In my experience, Grays adult hockey sticks do seem a bit heavy. While the GX2000 junior stick is all fibreglass it is not heavy. I must admit though we had a Osaka junior hockey stick previously and that was lighter, however the Grays GX2000 is certainly manageable.

Of course the benefit of any ‘more sturdy’ children’s hockey stick is that they can increase the power of their hits. Less swing and more power is helping kids with their passing and shooting ability.

Also worth mentioning in this section of the review is that the Grays GX2000 junior hockey stick feels like it will last. Yet another hand-me-down for the younger sister. It’s build well and feels like my 7 year old will outgrow it before she breaks it!

Summary review of the Grays GX2000 kids hockey stick

This is a really good kids hockey stick. It’s such a good price it really has value for a good season or two. The curve from the Ultrabow shaft shape is a fantastic start on kids getting used to a bow stick and its sturdy construction definitely helps harder hitting.